"We are a statewide group of diverse communities
and individuals working to abolish the death penalty
in Nevada through public education, media outreach,
coalition-building, and grassroots organizing."

The Death Penalty Statistics for Nevada

Nevada Needs to Examine the Death Penalty
Nevada has one of the highest per capita death row populations in America. Isn't it time we examined our death penalty system, and whether it is appropriate punishment in the 21st century?

Total number Defendants sentenced to death: 131

Number of inmates permanently removed from death row due to legal action: 25, 19.1%

Number of inmates currently not under death sentence because they have been ordered removed from death row or are awaiting new sentencing hearings: 12, 9.2%

Number of death row inmates who died of natural causes: 11, 8.4%

Number of death row inmates who committed suicide: 2, 1.5%

Number of inmates executed because they waived appeals and “volunteered”: 11, 8.4%

Inmates currently on death row under a sentence of death (all have appeals pending in either state or federal court): 69, 52.7%